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Dremd's pic is from the Bentley. I just searched through my copy for "fuel consumption" and it's not in there.

The quantity adjuster is what sets the fueling, and the modulating piston displacement sensor is the feed back loop. So you need to take your signal from pin 2.

Quantity adjuster N146
The quantity adjuster is integrated in the distributor injection pump. The task of the quantity adjuster is to generate the correct injection quantity from the control signals.

The quantity adjuster is a solenoid, a type of electric motor which adjusts the position of the modulating piston via an eccentric shaft and thus regulates the fuel quantity continuously from zero to max. delivery rate.

Modulating piston movement sender G149
Supplies the control unit with information on the momentary position of the quantity adjuster in the injection pump. The injected fuel quantity is calculated from this information. Sender G149 is a non-contact sensor for measuring the angle of rotation. It is attached to the eccentric shaft of the quantity adjuster.

An alternating magnetic field is produced in a specially shaped iron core by AC voltage. A metal ring attached to the eccentric shaft moves along the iron core and influences this magnetic field. The change in the magnetic field is evaluated electronically in the control unit and indicates the position of the quantity adjuster.
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