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experienced sales agent...

Hi there, I am a university student that doesn't like being someones ***** for summer work so I try to find commisson based jobs and this summer I might start my very own biz!

I was thinking of going door to door and selling clotheslines+installation. I came here to research how many KwH I could tell people this would save them aprox (I have experience selling electricity door to door so this is not gonna be a totally new game.) I found a great thread here that also mentioned the great potential savings of connecing a garden hose to the washing machine. This is something I am now thinking of integrating in to my whole "green clean" package. There are some technicallities like, making a hole into someones house to run a hose causes liability issues for me. Maybe theres a way around it? you guys are the mechanics, hook me up with some alien tech!

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