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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
It's a difficult issue, with arguments on both sides. You should be able to do the speed limit without fear of dying in any lane. Sometimes I have to take a left lane exit or something, and find myself going 20 mph over the limit just to not get rear ended before the exit comes up. This isn't safe for anyone.

Sure, freeways are for moving people around safely and efficiently, but overly aggressive drivers, in any lane, defeat that purpose.

It's a fine debate, let's just keep it civil
That is my #1 attack in ecomodding. An engine absolutely has to be with modern traffic, including 15 inch wheels at least a 100mph rating on tires, and a car that sustains peacefully in the 80s at a minimum 5 miles.
The closest hypermiler yet has been the real boxer engined cars, and it is extincted. A battle is not the whole war...I stay hopeful. I would drive the hypermiler of today, nut it is quite frightening, especially being around and travelling in rigs for many many miles and seeing many horrifying split seconds on this very subject.
Just today, getting on a rural part of I-95 (maine). the old sube has an open pipe (again) but getting to the point, I was creeping up casually to a toyota prius. dangling plastic fairings, intentional, by toyota, little tiny wheels and wiggling hubcaps. I noticed it was speeding up slightly as I went into left lane. I simply climbed into the 80s and went by..and thought..even with an open pipe my round trip is over 40mpg, gnarly rally tread on 15 inch wheels to boot. It is sickening to think of these facts, and furthermore encounter it, with a 23 year old car....
Damn I could rant forever...until the battle is won. Stay safe, have car that can go 100.
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