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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
Trying to talk anyone in to a changed life style does not work and if you do get someone who is willing to listen they are not going to hire a stranger, I get all my work word of mouth and tend to turn new customers down unless they come across as being overly nice to work for and I still get calls from people telling me that someone else has recommended me to them.
If I'm in someone's house sealing it up so it's more efficient, or changing out all their light bulbs, installing water saver shower heads or whatever it is, it's often because someone else gave them an idea (like your self) but they wanted to know it was going to be done right and that they weren't going to get ripped off, people who show up at your door or cold call you tend to rip you off, that is why they have sunk to that level.
well most contractors in general are con artists so its not like I am "sinking" to any lower level lol. Basically I am thinking all I could do is convince them my idea was logical using reason than they do it with me because it is convient or they respect the fact I gave them some knowledge. But at the same time I know what ya mean, some people do things based on loyalty and not reasons.
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