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Originally Posted by LeanBurninating View Post
Props for becoming your own boss. Its definitely the way to go, but after only one year I have found myself wishing that someone would take care of all the boring stuff and just give me focused tasks to do. lol. I think its invaluable to learn how to be a great employee and your own boss.

In this day and age, in almost any industry, if you are creative enough, you can put a spin on "going green" and capitalize on all the nonsense. Have you tried to get work with a solar panel installer / distributor? Same industry, same idea, and great market!

And a resounding +1 on word of mouth versus door to door. Probably best to focus on getting jobs with people you know. The only door to door stuff I would do is spreading flyers or the like. But I guess it really depends on what kind of neighborhood you are in.

Go get em!!

Edit- my .02 for clotheslines, like mentioned above its something most people might try to do themselves, so your best bet is to make them really cool. haha. And... holes in houses??? .. does not compute. Maybe a pulley over top of a window?

I have been in contact with some window installers. I think that has some good potential cause than while I am at the door I check thier **** out and give them an estimate. Than they can call around a bit if they want and find out who has the real deal Ah that is my current "soliciting" project.... finding someone who has a great product/deal so that I am actually helping people and everyone wins!

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