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I stick to my initial statement that most hypermiling discussions are anything but discussions, but venting by people that hate hypermiling. They don't understand it, speed and feel threatened by it, or both. Just like the one that started this thread - he can't get the EPA and obviously is speeding - also had problems with the Fusion hybrid getting 1447miles on a tank at 81mpg. That figures....I stay well out of the fast lane and make motion with my emergencies to pass, yet I will occasionally be tailgated by a large pickup wanting to pick on a "gay hybrid" - what a man!

Anyone notice not only that most of the hypermiler haters not only speed, but rant on this issue to the exclusion of other kinds of driving that really kills? The texting trolley driver in Boston that sent 49 to the hospital? The San Antonio bus driver texting for six minutes before he rammed a woman - giving her neck and back injuries? The female biker in Illinois last week snuffed out by a woman busy with her lipstick? A hundred to 110 Americans die daily on the roads - not any of them by hypermiling.
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