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That's a really good idea to delay stuff and make money haha! Well, I decided to OFFICIALLY ORDER THE 3 BOARDS!!! I had just enough to get it now, and when the stupid random bills come due, the paypal money should be there! ya!

They say it takes about 1 week for them to get around to doing their weird think to make the pcb's all etchy. Then, their shipping (from Australia) takes.... gasp... 1 to 2 weeks. Let's just say I'll be doing some power section etching and drilling, copper heat spreader drilling (yuck!), bus bar drilling, Bus bar TINNING (HOW AWESOME IS THAT?), and any other dookie that I can't think of right now. Then, when they get here, there won't be as much to do.

Matt, I wrote to them and asked about your questions, and Bee wrote back and didn't answer that part of the email... Maybe I should ask her again. Or maybe she didn't know.

Still need a dang blasted box. Should we just do Lexan for these 3? I need to email the guy at the Tacoma EV meeting about his quote for making a box. My intestines (my gut, actually) tell(s) me that his would be expensive, though. He does tig welding to make his aluminum boxes. Maybe I could take some sheet metal, bend the ends and somehow make that a box? The inside electronics will be suspended from the heatsink, I think. So, the sheetmetal would have to be stiff enough to securely hold up the heatsink. Or I could have the heatsink on the bottom, and the sheetmetal box would be more of an enclosure that keeps the elements out rather than something that provided hard core structural support. Suggestions welcome!

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