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Originally Posted by diy-aviator View Post
Hi Paul and everyone,
Has anyone out there had any experience of Liquid cooling of Mosfets? (like immersed).
I have a hunch that it might be possible to have the fets, diodes and bus bars running submerged, and have built a small test rig (plastic box and 2 fets) to test the idea.
Problem is I have no idea what to use as coolant. I tried light oil but the temperature coefficient was disappointing.

Ideal fluid would have the following properties:
Non conductive to 500 volts.
Good thermal conductivity.
Non volatile or flammable.
Inert and non destructive to plastic package semiconductors.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what might be suitable, I would be extremely

Regards, Mike H.
Some computer enthusiasts have submerged their entire PC (except hard drives, CD drives and Power supplies) in mineral oil with no problems.

But a controller such as Pauls design is running on much higher volts and amps than a PC, im not sure what would happen.

However, using normal water cooling, with pipes and heat-transfer-heat sinks (I don't know the correct name), could work well.
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