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Originally Posted by QuickLTD View Post
Thanks to things I have learned here... I just went 17 days on 19 gallons.. The most I have ever done before was 10 days. I attribute this to better route planning and modified driving style. I dont do extreme hypermiling but I do implement what I can when I can. I personally have a heavy right foot and Florida is very flat so I use my cruise control anytime I can go a steady speed.

Thanks everyone,
Ya i have a pretty damn heavy right foot. I drive a little 86 toyota mr2. 1.6 litre automatic. I also like to take "scenic" routes home, and i really do thrash it.

But i've done quite a bit of work to the car, mainly i blew a head gasket, so i've had the head rebuilt, so all the crap on the valve seats has been cleaned out, i've put in a new O2 sensor, and i re-set the valve clearances. I got a new alternator because i could hear the bearing going on the old one.

After all that i did a quick check, and i got roughly 35 mpg.

A few other things though... I don't have power steering (the car really doesn't need it so never built with it) and i don't have A/C.

But i do really love being able to get good enough gas mileage to truly enjoy my car.

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