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Since i switched both my cars to diesel i find that i coast in neutral far less. This is due to the much smaller deceleration experienced because of the lack of a throttle plate. If i'm on a reasonably steep downhill i just come off the accelerator and let it DFCO. I more or less maintain my speed and my injectors are off. Same as a gas engine but i don't slow down as much. If the downhill is less, i coast in neutral with the clutch out. I'd definitely be concerned about the throwout bearing long term. To take it out of gear i do the same as others have mentioned here. That is; i come off the throttle and keep a slight pressure on the gear lever so as to pull it out of gear. When the load and rpm's are right, it just comes out without any effort. Bear in mind that it doesn't work too well if you are already in DFCO as the slight engine braking will oppose all but brute force on the gear lever. And we're not about brute force here are we??!!?? (only during maintenance....sometimes!)

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