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Let me understand, for a given number of pulses and injector open time, you can have multiple combinations of injdelay and us/gal that result in the same indicated quantity of fuel delivered.

What you are saying is record them for multiple trips and see if there is only one combination of injdelay and us/gal that works for all the trips.

Not a bad idea. I'm not sure how much return this will bring in terms of accuracy or what percentage of people will bother. But it is a good acedemic exercise at the least. You will have to be extra consistent on everything at refill time i.e. make everything the same, pump #, location and position in relation to pump , time of day, temperature, nozzle angle and insertion, 1st click, amount of deadweight and it's location in the car, suspension settling, etc. etc.

But the trips themselves should reflect very different driving styles, though the system voltage should somehow stay consistent.

Also note that somewhere, the injector parameters may be published including time to open at different voltages.
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