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Smile Possible way to measure injector characteristics (cont.)


Thank you very much for your response, and your advice.

I'm very impressed with the kind, helpful, humble, and extremely
technically competent EcoModder culture, which your colleagues, and you
especially, emulate.

As you mentioned, this refinement may not make much of a difference, but I
do wonder how the effective injectorSettleTimes might compare to 500usec.

As soon as I collect the data on my 1993 Volvo, I will post it in this thread.

To address the system Voltage concern, I'll plan to measure the system
Voltage at the start and end of each "trip". That will give me the option of attempting a correction if necessary.

I may be back asking for help if I have trouble getting the Arduino
environment and/or programming capability setup and working.

Thanks and regards, Singletree5990
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