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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
6. To make a high-MPG car, maybe the best approach is to simply lengthen out a 2F1R tricycle like the HyperRocket....and maybe go to a narrow two-wheel rear axle.
Doh! ya went the wrong way with the number of wheels and at the wrong end too You are absolutely right though that narrower is better efficiency wise.

It isn't much of a stretch to envision a drive by wire two wheeler that is as easy to drive as a 4 wheeler, with auto outriggers or some other stabilization scheme thing you and I arent yet clever enough to describe.

Do like the commuter trains and have the seat backs be moveable so you can have people facing each other. Heck drive by wire from any (preferrably forward facing) seat for that matter. Just don't get so attached to the crutches of extra wheels, or worse yet, mandate them.

And of course being narrower it will collide with less stuff besides air.

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