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I have been lurking and following this thread closely. Fantastic work by everyone involved.

I just wanted to comment about the enclosure. A certain commercial brand of controller simply uses an aluminum extrusion with plastic end caps. All they do is adhesively bond on the end caps.

The idea about a cooling fan would work nice but I think you will want to keep the controller sealed to prevent any unwanted small metal parts from entering. It sounds like you have all of items connected to a heat sink which would be perfect for the bottom of the enclosure. My recomendation would be to then mount the controller to another larger aluminum plate which will act as an external heat sink and help pull the heat out of the controller. A thin film of heat transfer paste will greatly help the thermal conductance between the two plates. Just remember you want to use as little as possible. Also, aluminum is much better at transferring heat than steel so my vote would be for an aluminum enclosure.

Keep up the great work....
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