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case ventilation

Originally Posted by MazdaMatt View Post
Wouldn't lexan end caps defeat the EMI purpose of the metal box?
How about using copper screen on the ends? It's a decent shield, it could even be wrapped around a lexan case with the ends open for ventilation.
Here's a C&P on copper screen.

Choosing a copper RFI shielding mesh

Radio frequency shielding and Faraday construction can be accomplished with three popular copper meshes. 16 mesh .011inch wire diameter has a high airflow but the lowest shielding effectiveness. 22 mesh .015 inch wire diameter is specified by the U S government Tempest program. It is a very sturdy mesh which still has good airflow but than 16 mesh. 100 mesh .0045 inch wire diameter is the finest practical copper shielding mesh. It has restricted airflow but is quite effective into the higher frequencies.

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