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I like the idea of ends open for ventilation, but no one else would I bet. I think it would be cool to have a fan blowing along where the mosfets are. That would really keep things cool. But there's probably the risk of crap going inside it. Mine is mounted inside my car, so that's not really an issue, but most people have it in the motor compartment, exposed to the outside world.

I like Steiner's idea too. I've been thinking about that today. Maybe it would be best to just bolt the internal copper heat spreader to an aluminum plate (sort of like the curtis), and allow people to connect that plate to whatever they want, like an external heat sink if necessary? It would have to be thick enough so that you could embed the bolts that attach the plate to the heat spreader.

Hold on a second! Is that what those little rubber circles are at the bottom of the Curtis??? Just covering where the bolts are? Sneaky little buggers! Maybe we should just use an aluminum plate instead of a heat sink? Let people then bolt the plate to where ever they want???
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