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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I have the Platinum edition They have a 3 year warantee, and I haven't had any problems since August.
Amazing! Great to hear! The P in PM-1 is for platinum, mine are too. One cell failed in battery 1 within one year after purchase. The warranty dropped when the vehicle transferred, then battery 2 reverse charged and blew out the onboard charger. I bought a Die Hard booster for that battery and three batteries go to 13.6 volts each, one to 12.9 volts- but are low within 12 hours. Now I use onboard chargers and the offboard charger.

Very "mickey mouse"- can not use the onboard chargers only somewhere else or carry the separate charger; but it works. Glad to hear the 2 good batteries might last a while.
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