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crash protection

Death penalty for first offense drunk-driving might scare alcohol off the roads.100% seatbelt use would lower numbers for injury and fatality.Traffic light synchronization would reduce side impact collisions which can only occur at intersections.Timing the lights would keep people from "running" the light and T-Boning the other car.Enforced safe following distances.Apprehend speeders,handcuffs,trip to jail.You obviously don't care about your family or anyone elses ,so who cares if they suffer when you can't bring home the bacon.------ Then the safety devices built into the car have a real chance,if they're needed at all.And if we are going to be a "civilized" world,and consent to laws which are to protect the "public",I would promote truly Draconian penalties for those who elect to violate the law and the attorney who'd prostitute themselves in their defense.Carnage and death shouldn't become an opportunity for business growth and profit,if avoidance is achievable.Lawmakers with testicles are welcome.Police depts. with 20-20 vision and testicles are welcome.It would be a seamless transition for those who already obey the law.And they would have the comfort of knowing that something significant was in store for those who don't.Yep,I got me an attitude.
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