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Originally Posted by falfa View Post
Thanks alot for all good comments.

That the engine goes into fuel cut-off when when coasting in gear, is that also for diesel?

I could never have figured out that putting a gearbox in neutral without clutch and then gear back to 6th after would be more healthy then holding the clutch down.

So for a diesel:

Coasting in gear for breaking
Coasting with clutch in for short distances
Coasting with neutral for long distances
Gas (Petrol), Diesel, LPG.. Im pretty sure its the same for everything. If your not accelerating the engine gets either idle fuel or no fuel (Depending on engine, electronics, make(Ford, dodge.. etc) etc).

As for the coasting, that sounds about right. I suggest keeping your foot over the clutch and a hand on the gear stick when coasting in neutral. Saves a second or so when having to go back in gear.
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