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Honda Accord / Acura CL shift points and right cruising gears

Does anyone know how to drive a stick shifting Honda car with a f22/f23 engine most efficiently? I.e. Honda Accord 94-97, and, in my case, Acura CL 97-99.

1) When accelerating, what RPM is the best to shift in each gear?
Shift too low and it's terrible for fuel consumption since the engine is very inefficient at the low RPM. I tried shifting at 2K and it sucked ass. Slow and bad fuel economy.

2) When cruising, above what speed does each higher gear becomes more economical than the previous one? E.g. I am going 40 km/h and I can't go faster (traffic or crappy road etc). Is it better to be going in 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear? Car can drive in all. Or going 60 km/h. Is it better to cruise in 4th or 5th? Etc.

When I first got the car, I was getting 9.3L/100 km (25.2 mpg) but I have recently improved to as much as 7.3L/100 km (32 mpg). This is around 90% city driving - we don't have crap for highways around here. I'm doing pulse and glide, and just staying off the brakes as much as possible in general.

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