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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
You're probably doing something wrong if shifting at 2k gets you bad fuel economy, because in that car I would likely shift there or sooner and skip 4th gear.

It's always best to be in the highest gear your car will drive in at any given speed. This is also true uphill.

Good luck
Sorry, do you have any idea what you are talking about? This car will drive at 30 km/h in 5th gear if I am absolutely flooring it. This will give absolutely horrible fuel consumption. BTW, I do skip 4th gear if I can accelerate to a speed in which I can drive in 5th.

I should drive in the gear in which my throttle is most closed. And that's definitely not the highest gear in which the car will drive in every situation.

I went from 9.5L / 100 km to 7.5L / 100 km by shifting higher while keeping my other practices the same.

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