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yeah I didn't get where that was going either. yeah they are talking in the range of about 4-5 absolute PSI when it boils.

Your IM won't stay at those PSI (in the vid) for very long without choking up.

Edited Wiki page. Indicated that some modern cars didn't have throttles. Diesels are the only production vehicles that have no throttling valve. It also mentioned atkinson had no manifold pressure and used variable valve timing instead of a throttle to achieve this. I've never heard of an engine using variable valve timing to replace a throttle. . .? Diesels replace it by injecting only the fuel they need. Prius and other hybrids definitely still have throttle bodies and manifold pressure(all engines have it unless you have an open intake header in which you can see the injector squirting fuel onto the valve and hoping it gets sucked in.)

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