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Two of the guys I carpool with drive 3800 GMs, ones a Buick Regal the other an Exciting Pontiac Grand Prix... Barely enough room in the back for me, and my head rubs the roof. But they aren't bad on fuel I'll admit.

10 years ago I made fun of the SUV crowd that HAD to have 4x4 but never used it. I took my old minivan offroad to prove that you didn't NEED 4x4 to get most places. Amazing how defensive some folks got, but then missed the point entirely. On the other hand, we frequently go now where the old minivan couldn't dream of going. So our 4x4s do get a workout. I hope the Explorer can keep up. And my daughter's 1990 Cherokee 4x4 is a nearly stripped model, she has gotten a best of 23MPG with it. Again, a vehicle that didn't cost much to buy, has no monthly payments and cheap cheap for me to insure. Capabilities are used, not squandered.

As for the Ranger. Its a 1990 4x4 with the 2.3 and a 5 speed. It has a 6" lift and was on 31" tires. 75MPH is doable, but not comfortable. No need to rush in this truck. Replacing the original front suspension with a solid live axle so I can keep alignments longer and not tear up front tires as quickly. Also moving to 33" tires because it will be easier to get over obstacles. This is more trail rig than highway machine. It will still get better mileage than my Jeep, but we'll see how it does when it returns to the street in the next few weeks.

Yes, keeping an older vehicle on the road can be cheaper, but only if you do the work yourself. And you have to know when it is a lost cause as well. Which is how I sold my wife on the idea of buying my Neon brand new a few years ago.
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