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too bad a lot of people are missing the point here. some people like to travel (in a vehicle) beyond pavement and graded gravel roads. oh well, some get it, some never will.

an (older) explorer is not a "big suv." its a smaller, street-friendly vehicle thats very capable off-highway in stock form. it sits up tall enough to help see around the mammoth garbage thats on the street today.

keep in mind (older) explorers are every bit as capable as a 1/2 ton truck. lots of parts are the same. trust me, i could make a long list.

also, those 4 doors are perfect for camping. lay down those back seats and you don't even need a tent.

my parents had a '94 explorer 2wd. lasted 298,000 miles before blowing a head gasket in 2000. sold it to a guy that changed it out and is still driving it.

i agree that the cats probably need to be replaced. full fluid change too, as i am willing to bet the axle fluids have never been changed.

and i would like to say that what you did for your kid was very admirable it sounds like this rig will fit his needs very well. everyone has to start somewhere, and you are giving them a great one

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