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Honda insight, doing research, interesting trends

So, I'm doing some research into getting a more fuel efficient car. Right now, the most appealing thing is a Honda insight. However, doing some research showed an interesting trend in their fuel efficiency. It appears to change between years. The results are as follows using the new EPA estimates, formatted in city/highway/combined. (source:

2000 - 49/61/53
2001 - 48/60/53
2002 - 48/59/53
2003 - 48/59/53
2004 - 48/58/52
2005 - 48/58/52
2006 - 48/58/52

All these were using the base model with the 5spd-manual transmission. It seems that the efficiency has gone down, however slightly, in the last 6 years...what could have attributed to this? I'm not very familiar with how the EPA estimates their gas millage, but I think I have an idea, which is that it's based on a national average speed for city and highway driving, taking into account stop and go. So does this mean that the average speed went up over the course of 6 years or did Honda change something that slightly effected the fuel efficiency of their car?

I'm just wondering because I'm looking to getting one and I want to make sure I start with the one that gets the best millage if there is a significant difference or change in a particular year model that I should know about before purchasing any one year.

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