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It HAS been a very productive day! Man, it's nice to have "people". My people will take care of that. hahaha!

Hey, I finished all of the drilling and etching of the first power section. There are no real mistakes. I felt like I was holding a beautiful baby. I even burped it. I think I can really improve and simplify the order of drilling. MUST GET CNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that Roger Heukeroth or that guy that has the CNC that I always forget the name of!!! (ADAM! YA!) can help with the 15 beta testing controllers etching and drilling. If I'm the only builder/assembler, they will get their controllers some time after christmas, 2075, since I'm a little on the slow side. My son's nap time is only 1 1/2 hours each day. Then it's, "DADDY, OUTSIDE!!! FLOWER MAMA!" Note: He picks old nasty dandylions that have had all their seeds blow away, and gives them to Sabrina, calling them "flowers".

Oh man, that's going to be some friggin bulk purchasing power. I want to see just how cheap it can be done!.

ZeroGasoline, I wish I had a cool name like that. Makes me sad. Instead, I have stupid MPaulHolmes.
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