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Originally Posted by NoCO2 View Post
why would lean burn kill the emissions? I thought the idea of lean burn was to just use less fuel...wouldn't this make it's emissions score better?

Sorry, maybe I just don't understand this lean burn thing well enough.
From what I have read, classical lean-burn lowers HO and CO but increases NOx. Up until recently, this has been the big bug-a-boo with diesel in the USA (along with soot). When people talk about clean-diesel, they are usually talking about NOx traps and stuff.

For example, the Honda Civic VX hatchback from the early 1990's came in two versions, one for California and one for the rest of the USA. The California version got worse MPG because it couldn't invoke it's lean-burn technology (as aggressively?!?!?) without violating California emissions standards.


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