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Originally Posted by MazdaMatt View Post
Paul, why not have PCBCart do the power sections as well as the control section? Milling those things must suck. If you do mill them, it would probably be worth the time investment to get that mill CNC-adapted. Keep me in mind when you start pricing that out, as i can probably beat the price of any 3-axis stepper control board and the one that we make is loaded with protection circuitry.
I would LOVE to get a 3 axis conversion. I think that one guy... (hahaha!) Adam is going to help with the group buy. I don't want to wear him out, though! Maybe I'll get a 3 axis one in the fall, when I get my hot little mittens on $500-$600. I'll definitely email you when I want to do that. China charges $40-45 for group purchases for milling the power section (does that include an UNHOLY amount of drilling holes of various sizes, up to 5/16" diameter? That wouldn't be too bad to pay in that case!) Right? Darn my nested comments.

If I had a CNC, I could do it way cheaper than $40! I can even add vias! I'm doing that in this one. ya! Just turn that little bugger on, go upstairs, eat some cereal, come back, switch out the bit, hit "enter", go eat another bowl of cereal (raisin bran), etc... Something would probably catch on fire, but that would be awesome.
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