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Okay, lets steer this rig back into the "motor controller" lane.

A while back someone made the suggestion of not jimmy-hacking the box and using a standard electrician's panel instead. I wouldn't go with a home depot box designed for house service, but I totally agree that a standard service panel is the way to go. I was thinking that it would be nice just to have something that is off-the-shelf and made for electronics to go in... but then i realized it would be EXTREMELY beneficial to have the connetions made inside a box instead of outside. The safety (ahem, liability) factor is a big deal when people are hooking up 144VDC. I think a couple people aorund here have already been shocked by their DIY EV's... was it fun? In a box it would be protected from weather, errant screw-drivers, stupid people's prodding fingers, lost babies... you could install a fan on the side and have convection cooling. The boxes come with the sides covered in punch-outs, too and there are standard gromets for them as well.

I'll see if i can find a link to a supplier...
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