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Thank you I B RACIN! I used to go swimming at Lake Tapps, since I grew up in Auburn. That's weird. Thank you for your offer!


I have no doubt that there is something fundamentally wrong with my crappy PI loop. It's a piece of junk right now, but I'll try to make it a bit more clear, and then attach it here for you to look over, maybe tonight. I choose my P and I values by starting with I = 0, and P small (but not that small, only 1/64 I think), then gradually incrementing P until "I noticed overshoot", which was a joke because at the time everything was so noisy that it was a mess. Then I was supposed to back off a bit, and then gradually increase I until more overshoot or oscillations. I haven't tried it with the filtered current that I have now. I really need to try it, then I'll ask you guys what I'm doing wrong. IT was a long time ago since I tried it last, and a lot has changed softwarewise.
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