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Originally Posted by kitaimdao View Post
My brother's coworker has told me couple of times that he's never been in an accident because he's a good driver, taking the road on like it's an obstacle course and avoiding hits from drivers who aren't where they're supposed to be.
There is only so much you can do yourself. Even the best driver can get rear-ended or hit a ped that jumps out from behind something without looking.

In the last 10 years I haven't had any real accidents, only a few close calls. Once I had to get out of the way of a truck speeding down the middle of the road, pulling a mirror off from a car parked on the side. It was the truck's fault, but I had to pay mirror's owner $20
A few months ago we were coming back from a long trip, it was dark, the weather was crappy, I was the only driver, tired and mad at some nonsense that had been going on earlier, and I didn't notice a yield sign. I saw a car speeding right towards my side. Thankfully I was going slow, but the car was heavy (4 people plus load). I stopped just in time.
Many years ago I was driving down a street in Warsaw, going some 50-60 km/h, with a tram going the same speed right next to me. Suddenly the tram turns on me, instead of going straight. At full speed and without a turn signal. I hit the gas and barely made it. After that had to stop for 10 minutes for my adrenaline to go down.
And once I almost hit a cyclist while backing. The parking lot had hedges in dumb places.
Gee, looks like I'm a hazard and should have my licence revoked

EDIT: Tas reminded me that I also got 1 ticket in my life: For not having my lights on in the middle of a sunny day (lights should always be on here). Soon I'm installing automatic LED DRLs, shaving about 150-200 watts from my load
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