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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
You are asking alot. . .

Most electric here have trouble doing 70 for very long. 2-4 people. . .probably 2, 4 is 200+ extra pounds of person. . .

Batteries depending on what kind might not last long as it sounds like you would need bare minimum.

That would heavily deplete batteries and reduce life time. with 2 grand to spend you ought to consider modding your current vehicle with aero, and reductions in weight and wasted energy used and see what happens later. ..

EV for 2 grand would be tight. . .
70mph+ would be great.. I can probably settle within 50 to 60 mph since the car would mostly be for city driving,..

When I said 4 people actually I was referring as in space or sitting for 4 people. I usually drive by myself and along with my wife when we go out. Just thinking that it would be nice to have enough extra space, in the rare occasion that I bring someone a long for a ride...

I would be doing most of the work myself..
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