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Actually... i bought these cheap made in china screwdrivers where the red and green ones were not #2 and #3 robbies and i was cheesed. Poor design.

Actually, i didn't say it is ugly because it lacks aero considerations. I said it is ugly AND it lacks aero considerations making it have neither form NOR function. I think the aptera is ugly, therefor it is a shining example of function over form. I also feel that its ugliness (think: national survey, not your own personal opinion) will limit its sales drastically; it won't be "the next Honda Civic".

You misinterpreted my use of the Smart in my example. It is an example of a car that dismissed aero consideration but still looks good. I personally don't think of it as a highly attractive car, but it sells to mass market. Unlike an ugly wedge.

So you feel that an econobox can't be stylish? I rather like the look of a Civic and my Protege. A Geo Metro looks far better than this wedge.

All nit-pickity conversation slicing details aside, my broad point is: If you're going to make an electric car, don't make it look like a joke, or it won't fly. That car will never reach mass market appeal because it is stupid looking.
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