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11 years, 1 accident, 3 times off the road, 1 ticket
accident was me and 3 friends driving through a parking lot when a 16 year old who had already had 3 other accidents was cutting across the isles and came out from behind a van an hit me. Passangers side in front of the tire. I was able to drive, but her car was leaking antifreeze really bad. Since it was a parking lot it was "50/50", but anyone with a brain would tell you that the girl going 30 in a parking lot cutting across isles was at fault.

3 times off the road, all due to ice on corners. The little Chevy Sprint I drove at the time never got injured even once during those excursions... Not sure how, it took some good blows sliding off the road sideways a couple times, and straight off through a ditch and into a field the other.

Ticket was right after I got the car I have now. The tires are larger than stock, so the speedo was off, and compared to the Sprint, my Suzuki Swift has a lot of power. I had gotten used to driving 5 over in the Sprint, but doing so in the Swift meant 8 over, and a ticket. I was 18.

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