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How much of the solar panel waste product remains to be burned as carbon "neutral" fuel for external combustion processes, like steam generation to run electric generators? The fact that the dried algae remaining after oil extraction still has energy content should not be overlooked.
Using what are termed "food crops" for biodiesel doesn't seem to account for the fact that very little of the "food" is lost when maximizing biodiesel production, mainly because the food is of much higher value. The biodiesel is a secondary by-product of what would often otherwise be waste from food and feed production. Food caloric energy AND biodiesel energy are above the current (pun intended) state of photovoltaics.

Please keep in mind that solar panels also contribute to micro-desertification by interrupting the photosynthesis in the plant matter under the panel.

The example VW costs how much? The example Tesla how much?
How about I buy half that technology today.
I have VW TDI that average 35 ('05 Passat, $15K) and 45 (97 Passat, $4k) mpg. What pure electric can I buy today that will provide me with half the Tesla's performance and range?
I decided I wouldn't wait for some technological breakthrough allegedly coming in some continually receding future time frame. I decided to do the best I could right now, and for me the logical answer was, and remains: Biodiesel.
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