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Originally Posted by Lug_Nut View Post
The fact that the dried algae remaining after oil extraction still has energy content should not be overlooked.
I know very little about this stuff currently, glad you bring these points up actually. So I don't know how to quantify this, how much extra land does it take to reliably dry out the algae from a given amount of land? And how much extra energy does it provide? Presumably it would yield more energy than just growing more algae on that land.

Originally Posted by Lug_Nut View Post
Using what are termed "food crops" for biodiesel doesn't seem to account for the fact that very little of the "food" is lost when maximizing biodiesel production, mainly because the food is of much higher value.
I didn't see any obvious sources for that data, do you have a link? I mean wvo, sure, but I don't know anything about pre-consumer foods. The other side of the coin is that biodiesel still has to come up with some ethanol and deal with some glycerine and left over biomass and further drying.

Originally Posted by Lug_Nut View Post
I decided I wouldn't wait for some technological breakthrough
Definitely an improvement over petrol. You are basically solar powered at that point, with the performance and initial cost of an ice.

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