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Hey, Ecogenerator! I think you are right! I'm not 100% convinced that with a DC series motor at low RPM up a hill that it's going to be perfectly smooth without a hair of mushiness (man I like that word). And people also won't be completely happy unless they get immediate response from the throttle. Hmm...

ON a side note, have you tried to super gently go up a hill with a gas car, at maybe 0.1 miles per hour? It's really jerky! I tried it a couple days ago! How come it has to be so dang fancy with an electric car! Man, electric cars are held to a higher standard. I think it's because you feel every wiggle, since it's so dang quiet. In a gas car, you are vibrating, and there's a background white noise, and takeoff is sort of jerky up hill! Try it!

Once that stupid PI loop gets tuned real good, we'll see where that puts us. It would be nice to look at what's happening with an oscilloscope, but this current controller has the old control section, which is a piece of crap, and very noisy. We might have to wait until the new control boards get here to see how the tuning changes when there isn't nearly as much noise in the control part of the circuit.

If we had RPM sensing, then this would be easy! Makes me mad.
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