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kitaimdao -

Since 1984. Two accidents. One my fault and one maybe 1/2 my fault, but then he or she ran away. Here's a rough estimate of miles driven :

1972 VW Karmann Ghia      :  30K Miles (totaled at 15 MPH, my fault)
1977 Datsun B210 HoneyBee :  50K Miles (but probably more)
1987 Ford Escort GT       :  30K Miles (damaged in "hit and run" by other fellow)
1990 Honda CRX DX         :  87K Miles
1997 Saturn SC2           :  97K Miles
1999 Saturn SW2           : 140K Miles to present
Rough Total               : 434K Miles in about 25 years
It seems like I used to get moving violations spaced apart just enough so as to be able to go to traffic school, but none in recent years (knock on wood).

I drove a motorcycle too. I enjoy cruising, but LA traffic on two wheels can be a lesson in being terrified of other drivers.

I have a theory. The longer you drive, the more "6th sense" you develop. Even though your reaction skills erode, your experience allows you to "intuit" how to drive safely. It's like the "flight hours" a pilot amasses in order to become certified.

It doesn't mean I won't get into an accident tomorrow, but nobody's been hurt in all that time, so I count that as a win.


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