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17 years...3 accidents...2 moving violations.

Accident #1: 17 years old and hit a patch of ice on a bridge...hit the side of the bridge with the passenger front side and it spun me around and I hit the passenger rear side. No other vehicles involved in crash. Had my license for 3 weeks when this happened in my Chevy Monte Carlo...not fun explaining this one to Mom.

Accident #2: 18 years old and was showing my girlfriend the top of my head after a haircut (dumb). Needless to say, when I looked up there was a rear bumper in front of me...crammed the brakes and lightly hit the car in front of damage to either vehicle (also in my Chevy Monte Carlo).

Accident #3: 29 years old and my Ford Ranger was parked in my driveway/parking lot when a drunk driver lost control of his vehicle, ran over a fire hydrant and sent the hydrant and his car into the side of my truck. I had just parked the car 5 minutes earlier...anyone believe in "if it's not your time to go it's not your time to go?" (Side note: I got a nice new paint job on the entire truck out of this one...two weeks later I backed into a basketball hoop pole and dented the nice new paint job...sold the car a month later for less than I should have due to the big dent).

The two moving violations were a speeding ticket (52 in a 35 coming off a highway) and running a yellow/red light. Both were over 7 years ago and are no longer factored into my insurance rate.
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