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Originally Posted by tr0n View Post
Long time lurker here. I've recently picked up a 72 Ford Maverick w/the inline six 200cid "indestructible" engine. I'm wondering if anyone else here has gone through the motions of making their own older classic car more fuel efficient and what kinds of things I can do to improve mine?

I've thought about converting to fuel injection, but I really want to keep it as original and cheap as possible at the moment. Any thoughts?

Two words. Diesel Swap.

Gale Banks put a Cummins inline six in a Dodge Dakota, Banksified it, DROVE it to the salt flats and busted some records. 222mph in a truck, a diesel truck. As for fuel economy well, I'll let them tell you.

"The test loop was just over 119 miles in length, beginning at the Banks Engineering campus in Azusa, California. The route included a couple of miles on surface streets to the Interstate highway. The rest of the loop was all highway driving on I-210, I-30, and I-15, going north up the Cajon pass (about a 6 percent grade), and then back again for a total of 119.6 miles. All highway driving was done at the posted speed limits of 65 and 70 MPH in sixth gear, which is .73:1 for a final drive ratio of 2.43:l. Thatís 1800 to 1900 RPM. The powerful Cummins diesel was just loafing, even up the grade. The total fuel consumed was 5.63 gallons, for an average of 21.24 MPG. Not too shabby for a truck with over 700 HP and 1300 lb.-ft. of torque on tap!"

And I don't think they did very much in the way of aeromods, I saw some moonies but I don't think they even had a toneau cover on the back.

We need to introduce gale banks to basjoos.

Note: Yes I posted this in another area on the forum but...damn!

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