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It's going to take 8 days from a few days ago for the control section to be finished by Futurlec, then shipped from Thailand!!! to the U.S.. Testing and assembly would then begin in the fancy laboratory when the engineer back east has time available, then shipped to me. I'm finished with etching your power section, but not done with drilling the copper heatspreader. I haven't ordered the capacitors/diodes/mosfets/etc for the power section yet. I just wanted to order the parts for all 3 at the same time, to get the bulk discount.

I think I finally have the throttle the best I've ever had it. The inside of the ISR takes slightly too long once every 16 times. It then catches up after the next ISR call. I have reasons for doing everything inside the ISR. I'm not saying it's the best way to go, but it works the best of all the things I've tried.

Copy machines have stepper motors??!! I need to try that too! I've got to get me a CNC! Speaking of CNC, there are 2 volunteers that can help with etching the other 2 controllers, using super fancy CNC! There's Adam (hehe I remembered) and JayC. I want to see how a CNC does it too, so I think if they don't mind, I could ship each of them a PCB to try it out. No big deal! If something goes terribly wrong, I'll just ship them another one! We'll need to figure out gCode stuff, but it's all good!
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