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Originally Posted by JacobAziza View Post
I have no idea the watt draw of the ignition system, but for me 2-3 hours of driving is no problem, as long as I don't need the headlights and leave my (excessive, 360w) stereo system off.
Also, I have the alternator on a switch. If battery voltage does drop below 11v I just turn the alternator on for a few minutes, (the field switch lead between alternator and regulator, when it's disconnected the alternator freewheels)
By law, all cars in Canada are required to have running lights on at all times (you know it's dark 11 months of the year here?). That's gonna be a significant draw. I'm sure the computers don't use to much juice. The ignition system.. i have no idea. It's high voltage, and no amperage. I don't normally run the stero... Bah, i don't know. If we could quantify that the juice required to run the car normally with accessories off was low enough...
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