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Originally Posted by JacobAziza View Post
1 Watt DLRs for $10(US): Product Listing - CAR

Come to think of it, it would be easy to measure:
Start the engine, disconnect battery positive and put an ampmeter inline between the battery post and the cable, then disconnect the alternator, and read the meter.
It should tell you exactly how much power is being drawn.
Check it at idle and at highway speed RPMs, with what ever acc. you commonly use on. Use whichever reading is the highest, multiply by number of hours you drive a day and you know the size in amp/hours of the battery you would need. (or multiply again by 12volts to get watt-hours for solar recharge need)
Are all DRL's made equal? like.. i could definitely put them into my car and they'd fit?? (if so.. i may be placing an order)

I don't have an ammeter rated for higher then 10 amp. And at 10 amp, you only allowed to have it connected for 10 seconds... I'm almost certain that 10 AMP wouldn't cut it.

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