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Big flaws that I see are most motorcycles are a wet clutch where the clutch has 5-9 plats and run in oil and have alot of drag, they do this to make them more compact, the transmissions are non-syncro most of the time so any shifting that you did do would be very rough, but you can get electronic shifting kits and ignition cut offs so you can shift without the clutch at all, designed for racing.
The cam on a motorcycle engine is also designed for power not mpg, that is why my 100cc honda can put out 11.5hp, if that was a 1500cc (1.5 liter engine) that would be 172hp and because of that gets 70mpg with a combined cycle and rider weight of 450 pounds...
Maybe make something that looks like a motorcycle rear end, using a shaft drive motorcycle like a gold wing and a better suited engine like a metro xfi, but it's also not going to work with a normal trailer hitch, it is going to need a solid mounting system, I've seen bent motorcycle forks and they are not pretty, most likely bent from alot of hard braking with the front of the bike (900 pound touring bike) as non of the plastic was even scratched, fender was fine, the guy just said it handled "weird"... fork legs looked like bananas.
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