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Originally Posted by dlaing View Post
Then - at a time of your choosing - that branch could be merged to the trunk. You'll hopefully suddenly have beautiful code that works identically to what used to be on the trunk.

I haven't worked with an avr chip before, and I'm still setting up my dev environment. Paul, what environment are you using? I might as well make sure I'm running the same thing.
Charlie, can I have access to your repository?
I downloaded the free AVR Studio 4.16, build 628, from I got it here:

Atmel Products - Tools & Software

It's a bit down the page, next to a thing that says "REGISTER". It just means that you have to give them your email and a few other things.

EDIT: dcb, do you mean tested in the car? It would be sort of confusing having dozens of software versions, none of which have actually been driven around. What are the conditions that are required for a new revision to be added? I only uploaded a change once, and I'm not even sure where it ended up. I never checked. I'm sorry, but I'm really new at this and it's completely foreign to how I would normally think.
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