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Source Code Control for Open Revolt

We need to set some rules.

Let's keep things simple.

1. The only person that should have write access is PAUL. This will keep the repository in sync with Paul's latest and greatest blessed by Paul and Sabrina.

2. If you would like to contribute to the functionality, contact Paul and explain what you are doing. Then write/test your code as best as you can (unit test). Then send it to Paul for verification and integration and system test.

3. If it all works out and is acceptable to Paul (and any other testers he has), then he will have the option of adding the feature into the repository's main trunk.

4. If this is not acceptable, then you always have the option of checking out the latest 'Paul and Sabrina blessed' code, add, patch, merge and modify to your hearts content, check it in to your own repository as a major branch off of the trunk.

5. We could also create an 'untested feature' directory under (next to, or whatever) Paul's blessed code in the repository so that others can browse and may see something that they like and add it in themselves.

Paul should maintain control of what is in the main trunk.

Just my 2 pesos

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