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With that kind of distance, you might want to keep the windshield. Whether it helps aero or not, it will help keep you from being quite so tired at the end of each day.

Don't forget the Painted Desert while doing the Petrified Forest. Awesome drive.

The Meteor Crater isn't a National Park, but a private site you have to pay to enter. But VERY worth it in my opinion.

Grand Canyon. What can I say? Must see at least once in your lifetime.

Highway 1, You'll want to stop now and again to soak in the views, can be overwhelming at times on a bike. And, really, watch for other gawkers.

Golden Gate Bridge is pretty cool. Take some time to walk through the Presidio and other SF sites. Lombard street is a MUST!!!

Wall Drug. Never been. Someday.

Goldfield/Tonopah and other ghost towns. Lots of history. A walk through Goldfield is a step back in time. But a question? Sort of out of the way, are you planning this before or after SF? If before, Death Valley and all around the are is quite interesting (if you stop in Beatty, NV, the pizza at the Sourdough Saloon ain't bad!!!).

Salt Flats, Be carefull if the flats are wet. I might suggest, depending on your motorcycle's fuel capacity, a trip from Wendover over the north side of the Great Salt Lake and visit Promontory Point... The trail is old railroad bed, and can be muddy if its rained. Maybe too late to alter your plans for that though. (The little Mexican food place East of Wendover at the turnoff for the Salt Flats is decent and not expensive either).

*Mt Rushmore
* Crazy Horse
* Devils Tower
All neat things to do and see.

Be safe on the ride man... Thats an ambitious adventure on a dual purpose thumper!

If you plan to head East from Wendover and the Salt Flats, I-80 is just long and straight and BORING!!! I quick drop back into Wendover and south a bit to the Pony Express Trail east into Salt Lake City would be a nice diversion. And very doable on street tired motorcycles. When dry, you could even manage the whole trail in a Metro (though you might drag the bottom once or twice!). Its on your way, for the most part...
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