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Originally Posted by Eddles View Post
Then why do they print the figures there? They wouldn't do that if it was a complete waste of time, wouldn't they? I'm just being curious.
On my really cheap low rated tires it seems that I get sidewall rot quicker when I run a lot above the rating, not sure you can really pin it down to any one thing, every tire is different.

Also if I remember some tires don't handle as well at their rated "speed rating" if the pressure is above their sidewall rating, since you probably don't drive 120mph it probably doesn't matter on that regard either.

Otherwise I'm not sure, many of the tires I run above the rating last longer, but some others wear unevenly and end up making my car vibrate.

Again this is from 15yrs of driving I can't really pinpoint if any of the above has to do with higher than normal pressure or not.

Good Luck
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