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Well depending on what the udnerside of your car looks like you might be able to use self-tapping screws and just drill the coropast into the plastic side skirts and front and rear bumper.

If self-tapping screws don't work then you need a partner to hold it in place after you drill a short hole and then switch heads and thread a screw into it partially. The poly plastic that most cars use for side skirts and bumpers readily accepts metal screws.

As far as doing a full belly pan I would put screws no further apart than every 6 inches to hold it in place. Washers would be adviseable in the event the pan shifts and gauges itself you don't want the screw heads ripping through. I would make them more common on the front front bumper because letting air get up and between the bumper and the coro there might cause premature wear.

right now I have some poly plastic screwed in as additional protection for the oil pan(My car is very low). It alerts me a moment before I scrape so I might have enough time to change my angle of attack on speed bumps to resolve the issue.

If you have to use a drill and don't use a tapping bit make sure you don't use a drill bit thats too large or the screws will be worthless. A guide hole ought to be enough, just something so the tip of the screw doesn't have to do anything and the threads can get purchase.
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