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But you are smarter than most

Originally Posted by tasdrouille View Post
Ernie, what do you base your assumptions on? LRR tires usually wear well provided adequate inflation pressure is maintained. Said inflation being usually higher that placard recommended pressure.
Hello, Tas, and all you Prius II drivers,

A Prius-driving friend was complaining about getting only 25,000 miles on a set of tires. (He drives like a maniac in my opinion.) I told him he would be much happier if he raised his tire pressure. I just got an email from him saying he has been running at 45 psi the last year, and he has been amazed by the increased fuel economy (Duh!) and the last tire set lasted for 7,000 miles past the tire warranty.

I think I get 30,000 miles past the tire warranty, but then my wheels and tires are sized more appropriately to the size of my car (a Beetle TDI). I bet Toyota will have that problem fixed on the next design.

Oh, about my assumptions--well, I don't know about the tire "triangle". I think it is an eternal law that if it's good for you, then you won't like it. Here's the same rule for food--

If that food isn't good for you, you can be darn sure it's delicious.

Despite Racer's learned remarks, I still believe--

Soft rubber = poor wear = good efficiency.

Just seems biblical to me. ("the meek will inherit the earth" sort of)

And, of course high pressure is kind of like one of the ten commandments.

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